Mistakes Even Your Security Company Can’t Protect You From

We place a lot of responsibility on the home security companies we sign up with for protection and we have good reason too!Burglar trying to pry open window on house 78461254 The statistics show that people with security systems are far more likely to be safe from burglary, they show that while burglaries are decreasing home invasion is INCREASING, and they show that 80% of homeowners who have invested in a security system have greater peace of mind because of it. Security companies will send out technicians to install, repair, and troubleshoot your system to make sure you’re getting the best protection possible. The benefits of a good security company are immeasurable! But the reality is that there are some things even the best security company can’t protect you from, bad habits and mistakes you’re likely to make that can’t stop a burglar from taking advantage. So here is a list of mistakes you should avoid so that your security system can do it’s job and protect you!

Leaving A Sticky-note Invite on the Door

We used to live in a world where people had reason to exercise more trust in their community and many of those habits still linger in ways that can be less than helpful for your security. It is not a rarity to discover that your piano teacher or friend has left a note for you saying, “come on in, I’ll be right back.” But if it’s easy for you to just open the door and walk in, how easy do you think it is for a crook? They’ll come in without hesitation! Don’t give out such all-inclusive invitations. Heaven forbid your friend stand on the porch for a couple minutes while you run an errand.

Placing The Control Panel In View

Typing alarm code 187979771Burglars are not afraid of walking right up to homes to look through the front window and scope out the potential bounty within, and they’re not going to hesitate to make away with your goods if they can see right to your control panel! Though it might be more convenient for you it’s certainly far more convenient for a thief if they can see that your system isn’t even turned on. Make sure your control panel is placed in a more protected location.

Failing to Cancel The Newspaper

While we all hope you have a grand time on your vacation we also hope you take precautions against the neighborhood burglar. There are certain signs that professionals know to look for, mail stacking up in the mailbox and piles of newspapers on the driveway mean no one is at home. Simply call the postal service and have your mail held until you return, your newspaper is likely to oblige as well.

Arm Your System!

The BIGGEST mistake that is made ALL THE TIME is failure to even use the security system that you have installed in you home. Your security system can’t do you any good if you never even arm it to protect you. I don’t care if you’re leaving to get milk from the grocer around the corner or you’re headed out for an afternoon with the girls you’re vulnerable to burglary and theft and they only need a 5 minute window of opportunity.