Tips for Home Security Design

Project 113629983While you plan for your security system to be installed you will probably discover that there are things about the home security design that get overlooked or you feel are unclear. Home security is all about making sure you cover those vulnerabilities that are specific to your home. It’s about utilizing the devices that you have in the right ways to increase the net of your protection. Home security has a myriad of rules and suggestions on the best methods for execution, which is why it is so important that you determine for yourself how you can make the most of the system that you have. Here are some tips for home security design as suggested by many security companies.

Make Sure To Use Cameras in the Right Conditions

There’s more to getting a surveillance system set up properly than just screwing down cameras and hooking them up. Many people make mistakes with the cameras they choose to use. For example, indoor cameras should be used inside, and outdoor cameras outside! This might seem obvious, but many people make the mistake of putting cameras in the wrong places and then getting poor image quality as a result. Additionally, always consider lighting when mounting a camera. Many cameras can automatically switch from high-light to low-light filming conditions, but sudden flashes of light from a nearby road, or reflections off windows can cause problems for them.

Don’t Miss Coverage

diagram-146967394Depending upon the company you have selected and the package you’re paying to have installed you might not be able to put a camera over every door. In other situations you might simply forget a door or window because you rarely use it- don’t fall into this trap! Start from the bottom of your house. Consider every window from basement to attic. Consider all the doorways, including doggie doors and garage doors. Make sure that you then take the time to determine what devices will be best for coverage of these entry points, all of them.

Put The Control Panel In a Safe Place

When you design your system you’re probably balancing the difficult factors of convenience and strategy. Though it may seem like security is never convenient don’t become lax while designing your system. Many homeowners place the control panel to their security system by the front door or in the bedroom, but for real protection from theft you want to make sure that your control panel CANNOT be seen from outside the house. Consider putting it in a hallway or inner room.

Buy Only Quality Equipment

Family 153161760Don’t skimp on your home security equipment, bypassing the company’s offerings and going for discount devices! Nearly 90% of discount security products have been found to have problems ranging from poor image quality to glitches in the system. Take the time necessary to find equipment you can afford that isn’t generic. Get name brands that you and your security provider trusts.

Remember that security is meant to protect you and for that to happen you need to take time to plan carefully the right design for your home. When you’ve got it installed remain dedicated to the system and make changes you need when you discover them.